About Us

Sculp Tattoo Studio was started in June 2013 with an immense drive and passion for the art. Sculp Studio is based in Bangalore and we have dedicated ourselves to giving you the highest standard of workmanship, hygiene and customer service. We specialize in creating custom designs and love doing all styles of work including cover-ups and tattoo redesigning. Sculp tattoo is one of the finest tattoo studios in India. We are privileged to have clients not only from here but from around the world as well. We look forward to creating memorable pieces of art that will last you forever.


Our Artists

Karthik Bengre

Karthik Bengre, owner and main man at Sculp Tattoo Studio has been tattooing for the last six years. He has been following his passion for art since childhood and always dreamed of being recognized as a artist. After working in a corporate company for around two years, he decided to put it all on the line and follow his dreams. After years of toiling and working at other studios, he started Sculp on his own and it has now become a well known name in the industry.
Karthik loves doing all styles of tattoos and does so with a unique flair of his own and immense passion.


Manu Mars


Manu started as an artist at Sculp about two years ago. He has been working with Karthik since then. As a painter he always seemed drawn to the art of tattooing and realized he had a knack for it. He walked into Sculp as a client and left in awe of the whole art and his artist. He came back to Sculp a few days later wanting to learn how to tattoo. Since then, Karthik took him under his wing and the two have worked their magic and made Sculp what it is today.